Quotes for WooCommerce Usage Tracking

Quotes for WooCommerce is used on 3000+ websites. However, we do not know who is using our plugin, which business types use our plugin or their needs.

As of version 2.3 we have introduced a feature which allows us to track diagnostic data related to our plugin. This feature allows the site admin/owner the ability to choose whether they would like to share some information with us or no.

This in turn will help us to analyze the store size, identify their quotation requirements and in turn add features which will help make the quotation process more automated and seamless.


The only sensitive information we track is the admin email address. We do not track any store sensitive information or any client related information. Our intention to track the admin email address is to simply allow us to get in touch with you regarding major plugin updates or bug fixes. Tracking data is automatically sent to our plugin servers when you choose to opt in. Further on, data is sent to us once a week in a background run process. This process will in no way interfere with your day to day tasks.

How to opt-out

In version 2.4 we will introduce the ability to opt out after they have opted in.

What exactly is tracked?

Below is the complete list of information we track. Nothing beyond this is tracked by the plugin.

  1. Site URL
  2. Site administrator email
  3. Theme details (name and version)
  4. Server information
  5. PHP version
  6. MySQL version
  7. WordPress version
  8. WooCommerce version
  9. Site language
  10. List of active plugins
  11. List of inactive plugins
  12. Quotes for WooCommerce plugin version
  13. Number of published products
  14. Number of draft products
  15. Number of products with quotations enabled
  16. Global plugin settings
  17. Count of orders with pending quotations
  18. Count of orders with completed quotations
  19. Count of orders with quotations sent
  20. Count of orders with paid quotations

This is all done in the name of making the Quotes for WooCommerce plugin better. By seeing how our customers use the plugin, we can make data backed decisions which can help make the plugin more awesome to use.

Thanks for reading this

The fact that you are reading this post means you are at the very least interested in making the plugin better. If for some reason, this data tracking is not meant for you we understand it and wish you all the very best. We hope you enjoy using the plugin!

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